Project Name Description
IoT Based Vehicle Theft/Rash Driving Detection using Raspberry pi , IR, GSM,GPS The basic goal is to create a compact mobile device with the connections mentioned below. Initially, the engine will be ON by the power supply of the micro-controller, which means that the engine is running in user mode and doesn’t need any protection. After the user has parked the vehicle, the theft mode can be instantiated. If an intruder tries to start the vehicle i.e. if any unwanted vibration greater than a threshold value is detected or the vehicle is dislocated to a radius greater than the desired value ,a buzzer starts to ring by sensing activity using a piezoelectric sensor and an sms is sent to the owner stating that a break-in has occurred. The user can then take instant action by either informing the nearby police station or using some control functions like immobilising the vehicle from remote distance
IoT Based Humidity and Temperature Monitoring Using Arduino Uno/Node MCU/Raspberri Pi If you want to know the temperature/Humidity of your home on the real-time basis, You can see it in your smart mobile whenever you want and where ever you might be the information reaches you with a single click. Is it not interesting, All such can be done with devices which report you. In Our project we used the DHT11 sensor for sensing temperature and humidity, Arduino microcontroller is used to control the devices and ESP8266 as Wifi module which has the facility to upload data to IoT cloud.
Smart Irrigation System Using IoT Arduino Uno/Node MCU/Raspberri Pi Every living organism needs food to live, We cannot imagine life without Irrigation. If everything gets automated even irrigation system also need to be. We have developed a Smart Irrigation system using the concept of IoT. As we know farming has different stages, To help these farmers in understanding the climatic conditions, moisture content in the soil and to make their decisions easy we have developed Smart irrigation System using IoT. We used different sensors that sense temperature, check water level before irrigation, moisture and humidity of the agricultural area. Information of all sensor nodes is collected by ESP8266 module and transmits the data to microcontroller connected with wifi module Node MCU that uploads the report on the cloud where a farmer can monitor those parameters in their Smartphones or PC on daily basis and take necessary steps to make their agriculture farm grow smart.
IoT Weather Reporting system using Raspberry pi / Arduino Uno/Node MCU/Raspberri Pi As the scope for Automation is increasing, many industries and organizations are looking over a better option that can be only IoT. This project helps you in weather reporting. We used many sensors that can help in sensing all-weather monitoring parameters and RaspberryPi gathers all the information from them and uploads it to the cloud which is a wonderful application platform for IoT, where you can see the report that sensors send you.
Build a Cloud-based temperature Monitoring system IOT/Raspberri Pi In many industries, Temperature is a very important parameter and they will be using big servers to store the monitored data on daily basis. Building a cloud-based temperature monitoring system is the best way to store data on a cloud and can have access to monitor the temperature anywhere in the world.
IoT Based Fire Detection System Building a cloud based Fire monitoring system is very important to reduce the cost of maintaining servers, to avoid data losses and to make the access easy with multiple internet connected devices ( computer, tablet, mobile phone) at the same time anywhere in the world. Using Internet of Things (IOT). Here, we are going to design a fire detection system and data to be upload it to a cloud storage.
IoT Based Water Level Monitoring System using Node MCU/Raspberri Pi This project uses water level monitoring using ultrasonic sensor,Data was sent to clould ,you can turn on or turnoff the valve of particular tank online .
Home Security System using IoT/Raspberri Pi In this proposed system, we are having database of authorized person list by registering their faces by entering OTP, so that non authorized person can’t able to enter the home until they enter the correct OTP. Whenever some person pressing calling bell switch, the camera gets triggered and capture the image of the intruder and checks that the image to the database, if that face is not matching with the database, it sends an email containing that intruder image and OTP, when intruder type the OTP by the owners’ knowledge then it authenticate the user to enter.
Smarvt Color Sensor using Arduino Uno/Node MCU It allows the sensor to detect various colors at different distance with only one calibration and does not require calibration with eight colors before its use in measurement system.

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