Sr.No. Project Name
1 Intrusion detection System
2 Detecting Malicious Packet Losses
3 Audio/Video Stagnography
4 Encryption/Decryption using different algorithms
5 File Compression Project
6 Text to Speech Converter
7 Inventory Management System
8 Image Processing
9 Intranet Chating
10 Spam Detection
11 Stores Management System
12 Secure Online Banking System
13 Fully Denial Authentication for Email
14 User Behavior Analysis
15 Secure E-Voting
16 Effective Pattern Discovery
17 Phishing Detection
18 Elliptic curve cryptography with BLS short signature
19 Privacy Preservation in Cloud Computing
20 Data Protection in Cloud
21 Digi Locker - Cloud
22 An Effective Algorithm , K-Means or Hierarchical clustering
23 TV Show Popularity using AI/Machine Learning
24 College Academic Data Mining
25 Supermarket Popular Product Data Mining
26 Slicing-A-New-Approach-for-Privacy-Preserving-Data-Publishing
27 TEXT Mining and Web Mining, Pattern Taxonomy
28 Modifies K-Means in Data Mining
29 Privary Preservation using Generalization, Bucketization and Slicing
31 The semantic focused crawler implementation
32 Preserving Privacy and Sharing the Data in Distributed Environment using Cryptographic Technique on Perturbed data
33 Inferring the Travel Purposes of Passenger Groupsfor Better Understanding of Passengers
34 Extended Distributed RK- Secure Sum Protocol in Apriori Algorithm for Privacy reserving
35 Ensemble Clustering for Internet Security Applications
36 Mining User-Aware Rare Sequential Topic Patterns in Document Streams
37 Keylogger Prevention

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